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independent @ home caregiver providing food to senior community member
The Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Service or CDPAS is an alternative approach to traditional home care and skilled nursing services. Independent @ Home Program Community Members are empowered to manage their own homecare while having a greater flexibility and freedom of choice in their day to day care.

As a Fiscal Intermediary, the Independent @ Home Program or the I@H Program, takes care of the administrative responsibilities to homecare while Community Members and/or their Designated Representatives focus on recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, training, supervising, and terminating their Personal Assistants.

Independent @ Home Program and CDPAS

As a Fiscal Intermediary, we support our Community Members by:

  • Processing the payroll for each Personal Assistant, including withholdings for taxes and Social Security.
  • Monitoring the completion of all required documents such as annual Health Assessments and employment verifications.
  • Handling benefits, such as paid time off, paid family leave, as well as workers’ compensation, disability, and unemployment.
  • Providing you with the support and access to resources that will help you manage your personal care.

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