Community Members

personal assistant talking with independent @ home community member
You have the right to take charge of your care. As an Independent @ Home Program Community Member, the choice is yours.

  • Recruit and interview members of your community
  • Hire family or friends who you’re comfortable with
  • Train Personal Assistants to meet your unique needs
  • Schedule personal care during times that work for you

The Independent @ Home Program offers the support and tools that you need to have the freedom of self-directed care. As a Community Member, you are given the opportunity to:

  1. Take an active, responsible role in planning your care.
  2. Independently recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, schedule and, if needed, dismiss Personal Assistants of your choice.
  3. Hire as many Personal Assistants as you deem necessary to accommodate your lifestyle within the hours authorized by the MCO.
  4. Act as an employer; each Community Member will develop a working relationship with their Personal Assistants without intrusion.
  5. Have the option of using Independent @ Home Program’s online Personal Assistant Portal to locate individuals in your area looking to become a Personal Assistant.

Please feel free to contact the Independent @ Home Program with any questions or concerns you have by phone at 800.234.2211 or by email at

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